Detox Water – The Starting Point

So you’ve decided to start detoxing on water for a while? Going to cleanse your body and maybe lose some weight in the process also? Very good!

You’ve come to the right place. Before we begin; first let me tell you about the basic principles you need to know about detoxing in general.

You can scroll down if you wish to see recipes now and read this later.

Detoxing means removing toxic substances from your body by not eating any solid foods for short periods of time. Solid foods are replaced with liquids and vitamins.


Basically this means that the liquids push everything else away, thus purifying your system. These toxins (there are hundreds!) are for example saturated fats, ammonia, lactic acid, food chemicals and refined sugars.

pink detox water

Commonly detoxing periods are done once or twice a year. The usual duration is 4 to 7 days.

There are many detox diet programs and some of them include eating fruits, vegetables and drinking juices, but I believe the best and most effective way is to detox water. Water paired with vitamin supplements your body needs, is a good and proven method all over the world.

Important things to note;  do not detox with water or anything else for that matter, if you have a high blood pressure, are pregnant or seriously underweight.

Detox Water – First Steps

As you probably know, living multiple days without food can be hard! But it is possible and yes it can make you healthier. To succeed with water detox you need to have a solid plan that you stick with. First thing I suggest you do is find a good date to start your detox and mark it on your calendar. While you are detoxing your body is not in it’s best state to do much physically challenging activities. During detox you can only drink water, so if you are addicted to caffeine and/or cigarettes like me, I recommend you to gradually drink less coffee and smoke less to avoid withdrawal symptoms during the detox. These symptoms can make detoxing with mineral rich water a much harder experience to do.

Alright now, before we talk about the detoxing period I’d like to mention some side-effects detoxification will have on your body.

When your body releases toxins, there are some side-effects. They may or may not include; smelly breath (ketosis), sweating, difficulty to sleep, bipolarity, diarrhea, constipation, head aches and body aches. These are all temporary side-effects and they will go away once you stop the water period.

No need to be alarmed. You will have to go through this for the treatment to be succesful. The side-effects are at their peak on day 2-3 and after that it will get easier.

Detox Water – 7 day purification

Detox Water Poured

Now that you have the facts, it is time to start your journey.

Some people say that they achieve one of a kind trance state when they do the detoxification.

Personally I suggest that you do the diet for a whole week (7 days method) to get the maximum effect out of it.

Now for some key elements about this;

  • Drink 2-3 litres of water everyday, maybe more if you exercise
  • Eat vitamin supplements daily (since water doesn’t have vitamins you need to stay healthy)
  • Keep your cool and stay away from the refridgerator! Don’t even think about food.
  • Build fortitude and keep a strong positive mind

Detox Water Recipes For Good Health

Water is one of the best natural detox tools that helps flush all the toxins and impurities from the body and helps it stay healthy and fit. The fact that nearly 60 percent of our body is made up of water, drinking water not only keeps the body hydrated, but also helps cleanse body and soul and improve your overall well being. Water detox or fasting is a simple technique that combines water with a few simple ingredients to make the detoxing period work more effectively for various health benefits. So, if you planning to start on a water detox take a look at some of these simple detox water recipes listed in this guide. For most detox water recipes I suggest using bottled mineral water.

Lemon RecipesLemon Detox Water Recipes


  • 1 table spoon lemon juice
  • 6 ounces of warm to hot water
  • 1 tsp honey (optional)


Mix the above ingredients in a large pitcher and drink this water as soon as you wake up in the morning. The fact that the body remains the most dehydrated during this part of the day, drinking lemon water will not only hydrate your body and help with weight loss, but will also kick start your digestive system and helps you stay active and energetic all through the day.

Benefits of Lemon Water Detox;

Drinking warm lemon water on empty stomach helps it move easily though your body system and help clear all the toxins and impurities from your digestive system through frequent urination.

Apple Cinnamon RecipeApple Cinnamon Detox-Wate Recipes


  • 1 Fuji apple
  • I tsp powdered cinnamon sticks
  • Ice
  • Water
  • A large Pitcher


Cut the apple into thin slices and put them to the pitcher. Add the cinnamon powder into the pitcher. Cover this mixture with ice nearly half way through the pitcher. Fill the reaming part of the pitcher with water and allow it to set in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes before drinking. Serve with ice and enjoy.

Benefits of apple Cinnamon Water

This recipe is one of those detox water recipes has zero calories. While the use cinnamon in this recipe encourages your internal organs to cleanse themselves, the apples provide your body al the required minerals and vitamins, thereby helping boost any type of detox program.

Lemon Cucumber Mint RecipeLemon Cucumber Mint Detox Water Recipes


  • 2 sliced Lemons
  • 12 cups or 3 quarts of water
  • 1/2 sliced cucumber
  • 10- 15 organic mint leaves


Combine all the ingredients in the pitcher and shale it well. Refrigerate the mixture overnight. Drink this in the morning and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. This recipe tastes best on the prepared day or the day after you make it.

Benefits of Lemon Cucumber

This recipe contains ingredients such as cucumber, mint and lemon which prove to be beneficial in adding a refreshing flavor to the detox water. While the use of lemon in the recipe helps boost your immune system, aids digestion and cleanses your body, the presence of mint helps add touch of sweetness without using artificial sugar. Adding cucumber slices in this helps hydrate the body and makes the drink cool and refreshing.

Salt RecipeSalt Detox Water Recipes


  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt
  • 1 quart of warm spring or filtered water


Combine both he ingredients in a large pitcher and try drinking the entire salt solution first thing in the morning. If you it difficult to drink the detox water, try holding your nose gently while you gulp it down your throat. For best results, drink only water and avoid eating anything for next two hours.

Benefits of Salt Water Detox

Salt water is one of the best natural ways to clean your digestive tract without using commercial medications. The fact that salt is a natural laxative; drinking salt water not only gets rid of impurities form the gastrointestinal system, but also flushes out the toxins leaving behind necessary minerals required for normal bodily functions. Salt water routine can be followed either a few times a week or seven days in a row for maximum benefit

Apple Cider Vinegar RecipeApple Cider Vinegar Detox Water Recipes


  • 1 to 3 tsp of raw apple cider vinegar
  • 8 oz water
  • Honey to taste


Mix the above ingredients together in a jar and drink this water three times day before meals for best results.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Water

The fact that the acid present in apple cider vinegar binds to toxins in the body, drinking this recipe helps detoxify the liver. Drinking this detox water will not only aid digestion and boost your immune system, but will also, regulate cholesterol levels, treat acne and help you lose weight.

Tips for Effective Water Detox

  • Before starting on a water detox program, prepare your body by drinking lots of water or juices.
  • Spend a few days eating fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid including foods that are high in saturated fats and salt
  • Opt for water from a pure source (spring water) in the detox water recipes
  • Proceed to follow a water recipe only for one to three days.
  • Do not drink more than eight- ounce of water every two to three hours. Drinking too much of water cause water intoxication and damage your kidneys
  • Exercise self control and discipline for a successful water detoxification
  • Avoid a water detox especially if you are pregnant, anemic or are suffering from an eating disorder.
  • Do not overexert yourself when you are following a water detox recipe.
  • Water detoxification tends to release toxins in your bloodstream quickly. Thus, performing other detoxification’s before starting on a water detox can be beneficial in minimizing risk to your health.

Choosing any of the above mentioned detox water recipes for detoxification can prove to be highly beneficial in not helping you experience various health benefits such as stabilization of bowel movements, reduction of muscle and joint pains, better quality of sleep, and glowing skin, but also allows your digestive system to rest and repair naturally. As a result of water detoxification, your body will be cleansed thoroughly and feel rejuvenated, refreshed and practically brand new.

And now time for an added bonus;

The Secret Detox Recipe!

Hey there! You may not know this secret recipe, only a select few know it, and those who do possess great power… This may be all sounding a little occult to you, but today we’re going to spill the beans (not included in recipe) and show you how this amazing recipe is made, which will be sure to change your life and eating habits. This recipe is going to be superb for a range of people, suiting you for any of the following reasons and even some more, such as: getting rid of acne, increasing metabolism to lose weight, providing a healthy look to your body, and a range of other benefits! So let’s get started on the philosophy of this recipe…

Philosophy of this Secret Detox Recipe

Water is the most natural substance in the world. And the most important. Remember: your body con contains much as 75% of water! Imagine three quarters of you right now just being filled up with water, and the other quarter of what you perceive to be yourself, being an insignificant portion. Now, that’s how important water is. That’s why today’s secret recipe is based all around this simple philosophy, thus providing a perfect base for this magical recipe. Now, we shall move onto the ingredients needed, and how it should all be made.

The ingredients needed for Secret Detox Recipe

This is what you’ll be needing for today’s easy to make drink:


-Lemon peels

-Decaffeinated green tea leaves

-Blended tomatoes

The making of a tasty beverage;

This is fairly simple to make, all you need to do is time everything properly, and adjust it to your liking.

1) So, first we’re going to be boiling some water. We usually boil around a liter, which should be enough for the day; You’ll want to wait til the water is hitting boiling point.

2) Pout the boiling hot water into a pot, add two or three green tea leaves, as well as one lemon peel, stir a little to spread the flavoring, then close the pot.

3) Whilst the green tea is brewing, you’ll need to pop chopped tomatoes into a good blender, which will make the tomatoes almost liquid.

4) Now is the time to add the tomatoes to the pot, and take out the lemon peels.

5)Make sure the tomatoes are spread evenly, as to not let one part be unevenly matched.

6) Enjoy!
We’re sure this secret recipe is going to provide the results you’re looking for! This has worked for a wide range of people, all around the world, and is sure to work for you! If you feel a little skeptic, then why not try out the detox recipe and reap the results! It costs almost nothing, and containing nothing but healthy ingredients, is sure to set your body right.

Updated May, 2014